Are you a Hot Toddy?

It’s 1am and it’s a sunday. The weather in this little island has been a bit chilly with rains visiting us for the past many days. Was having some matcha to warm up, when a thought came up: Can tea be added to a cocktail?


I know coffee can. I had visited a night bar in London many years ago and that cute bartender had made a special cocktail with a splash of coffee with a ring of blue flame… awesomely sexy and delicious!

So imagine my surprise when I googled a bit and found that it really exists! When hot tea is mixed with alcohol… It's called a Hot Toddy! Pretty simple to make. From what I’ve found out, all you need is your favourite drink be it whiskey, rum or whichever your favourite is and your type of tea.

How to make a Hot Toddy:

  1. Prepare your cup of hot tea (use black tea if you like a stronger taste)

  2. Add some lemon

  3. Add some honey

  4. Add your whiskey, rum or ….

And that’s it! Your cup of warming to your toes Hot Toddy!

BUT.. what if I want it cold, like a cocktail?

Below are some recipes that you may wanna try!

Tea Cocktails Recipe

Spike Arnold Palmer - a tea lemonade with a twist!

  1. Prepare ¼ glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice - chill it

  2. Prepare your favorite tea, chill it (single serving)

  3. Once both are chilled enough, mix them up and add a drop or 2 of your chosen liquor.

Mistletoe Martini

Cranberry tea is normally used for this cocktail. But I think if we cannot find cranberry tea, I think any berry infused tea should be ok.

  1. Get ready your shot of vodka into your glass

  2. Add in your tea, squeeze some lemon juice and orange juice and it’s ready!

Thanksgiving Fall Sangria

For this, you’ll need

  1. Brandy, gin (½ cup ea)

  2. Dry white wine (1 Bot)

  3. One club soda

  4. Pomegranate juice (1 cup)

  5. Chilled green tea (1 cup)

  6. Cinnamon syrup (2 ounces)

  7. Some fresh fruits (pear, apple, orange at one ea)

  8. Mix all ingredients and chilled overnight except for the club soda

Garnishes: some peppermint leaves, cinnamon sticks, slices of apple and orange

Note: Pour the club soda into your pitcher of mixed cocktail before serving.

Try some tea cocktails this Christmas season!

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