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Drink Tea, Get Drunk?!

Can one possibly be drunk over tea?


Yap, you hear me right! We can be drunk on tea! However....

Being tea drunk or getting ‘high’ on tea, is actually a state of mind. We become euphoric, calm yet alert when being tea drunk. Or we may also feel nauseous, shiver or have insomnia and other effects. It really depends on individuals, how they prepare their tea, how they drink it and what type of tea they have.

Tea comes from camellia sinensis plant which contains caffeine. Caffeine can elevate your heart rate, cause jitteriness and fidgeting, as well as keeping you up at night.

Tea also contains catechins and L-Theaninel.

L-Theaninel is the complete opposite of caffeine. It calms the nervous system, reduces stress, lowers heart rate and helps maintain lower blood pressure levels. While it works with caffeine to ‘energize’ the brain, it also relaxes the body and mind. Catechins are full of antioxidants that come with health benefits. Together with caffeine and amino acids catechins may have a positive effect on the mind.

With these three combined in the tea, an interesting effect called tea drunk happens.

To have a ‘positive’ tea drunk rather than feeling sick or off from a bad one, we suggest following some of these steps:

  1. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

  2. Don’t steep your tea too long. Follow the tea brewing/steeping instructions on the tea. Remove the tea from your cup or tea pot and put aside on a saucer once the tea is ready to prevent it from over steeping making the tea too strong.

  3. Sip on the tea, not gulp it down.

As a tea drinker myself, being tea drunk is an occasional affair especially when I don't follow what I preach.

So what to do if it is a bad tea drunk?

From personal experience, drinking cold water helps to ‘wash off’ that feeling. Snacking on sweets helps as well. Or if you are not working? Take a nap! Or rest for a while till the effects cool off.

Tea can be a healthy beverage, but the above tell us some very true facts: good things should not be overindulged or it may become not so good…

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