How do you Stir your Tea?!


My first cup tea was Teh Tarik. Literally it meant "pulled tea" in Malay, a process of cooling hot tea by pouring and pulling apart the hot brew between two cups or mugs, creating a rich and frothy drink. A delicous brew of tea with milk and sugar. Goes perfectly with prata and spicy curry!

As I grew older, the choices for tea became wider. From teh tarik, to chinese tea and gradually to english teas. Ceylon, Earl Grey, English Breakfast became the chosen drink to compliment my cakes. The liking for teas was also influenced by those Regency Novels that I was reading in my teens. As a lady, how can one not have tea with your scones?

Singaporean 'lah-kopi' or 'lah-teh'.... stirring our cups of tea with gutso! Our silver spoons clinking with those procelaine cups they go merry go rounds with, happily making splashes of hot liquids onto the little tea saucers.

But, what if I tell you... we really shouldn't stir tea like that? In circles?!

In fact, the proper way of 'stirring' tea, is back and forth gently and not in circles. To be more precise, the spoon should be placed at 12 noon and fold back and forth to 6 o'clock position! And, do not ever, ever, leave the spoon in the cup!

Grant Harrold told Business Insider once that stirring tea with a circular motion is a no-no: 'to avoid a storm in a tea cup. '- well, that will be for the Royals... as a localite, I will faithfully stir my tea in our local way, making delicious splashes!

How about you?

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