Staying in for March Holidays

Updated: Mar 12

Let's not touch on why we should stay in these days... rather, let's brainstorm on what we can do IF we decide to stay in for this coming March school holidays!

1. Create Your Own Game Board

Snake & Ladder

- Get a cardboard/corrugated board.

- use a marker and draw a 10 Grid Squares x 10 Grid Squares.

- Draw your snakes in different shapes, color and length. Stick some blue tag behind these snakes.

- Numbered your Squares

- Brainstorm on penalties (if player slides down on a snake, other than losing its momentum add a penalty for more excitement!)

- Cut out some grid squares that have the penalties/rewards on it. Put some blue tag behind it. Decide on where to place these squares, change their positons at times to make the game more interesting. Applies this to the snakes as well.

- Decorate your playboard! and start throwing the dice to start the game!

2. Arts & Play Session

There are several ways to let out that little creative artist hidden in each of us. Take a bit of time out this March to enjoy art sessions at the comfort of your own home!

DIY Cookies

Get some DIY cookies from Edible Fun Singapore this holiday! Have a cookie deco competition! Colour and decorate your cookies in any way you like. Best part is we get to eat them at the end of the session!

Colouring Sessions

Have you heard of a local brand DrawnBy:? DrawnBy: has a series of really cute prints on washable silicon mats. It is eco friendly and fun to boot! Choose from fairy tales to castles, dragons or fairies... and many many more other fun prints!

You can use your own washable markers or use DrawnBy markers. Wipe away the colours on the prints and paint it with different colours as many times as you like! A great activity for children and adults alike.

3. World Frog Day

Waa... I didn't know there's such a day for frogs till I write this article.

How important are frogs to the environment? Is green the only color for frogs? Can frogs be poisonous? Discover the fun facts with your children this March, educating them the importance of this little amphibian from the time they are tadpoles to a full grown frog.

If finding information online is not enough, then arrange a dayout to visit the only Frog Farm in Singapore!

There are many other indoor activities that can entertain the young and old. Be it going

online, playing board games, have a reading session, we all just need to plan ahead! And don't forget to stock up your fridge with delicous treats or ready meals if you don't feel like ordering food.

Take look at our new added frozen food selections!

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