Tea Personality

Updated: Oct 21

Does the type of tea you drink 'shows' who you are as well? We have discovered some possible personalites that we may have based on the tea we normally drink. How accurate do you think they are?

Black Tea

Black tea is rich, flavourful and strong-bodied. They are often described as astringent too. It is often a choice for busy people who are goal oriented. Goal oriented people are often determined, energetic and assertive. They are also often inquisitive on topics they are interested in or curious about.

Green Tea

Fully packed with antioxidants, the least processed form of tea, green tea is a favorite choice for active and health conscious people. Green tea drinkers are generally thoughtful and care about the overall ecosystem. Usually, they tend to be determined and calm, seeking the perfect balance of body and mind.

White tea

Having a more light-bodied, smooth and fragrant tone, this tea type generally finds resonance with people who have the taste for finer things in life. They are accomplished people who are observant and like to do things a bit differently from the rest. People who love traveling, savor the time to do things properly while they reflect and finish their work. White tea lovers are stylish and sophisticated. Beauty and simplicity are what they look for in life while enjoying delicate and gentle flavors.


Being semi-fermented with vibrant floral flavors, Oolong is a very versatile tea, having the widest range of flavors from light and airy to strong and roasted. Individuals who are romantic, positive and have an inherent love for good food, will love this tea!

Flavored Teas

If you love experiencing different types of flavored teas, you may be creative and open-minded. Flavored teas are not traditional teas. They are playful, modern, and break the rules in order to achieve something unique from the usual teas. Like bubble tea, it is for people who like the latest trends, are modern and adventurous.

Other than the tea we choose to drink, how we brew or make the tea may show certain traits of our personality as well. There are various ways of making tea if we look into the various different tea cultures from different countries. Perhaps we may explore that in our next blog?

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