Tea Telling Fortune

When it comes to fortune telling, there are palm reading, tarot reading, face reading and a few more others. But, have you ever heard of using tea leaves to tell your fortune?

Tea leaf reading is also known as tasseography, a form of divination which deciphers the patterns in tea leaves. By the different intepretations, one will be able to 'read' one's fortunes. It is a practice that require imagination, practise and patience.

Which type of tea leaves is good for tasseography?

Basic black loose tea leaves will work perfectly, although tea cup with white base is recommended since we need to read the patterns.

Tips and Preparation

Mental preparation. Have a calm mind while enjoying your cup of tea, gathering and directing your thoughts as you decide what are the things you wish to 'ask'.

Follow your instincts and trust your first impressions. Tea leaves patterns formed on the cups can represent different meanings. If your first impression of the pattern formed shows you an anchor, then trust your instinct.

Observe the tea leaves. Turn the cup around and view the patterns in different angles. Look for dots, circles lines and other figures formed by the leaves.

How to Prepare the Tea for Tea Telling?

  1. Let the tea steep for a few minutes

  2. Drink the tea, but leave a teaspoon or so of it in the cup. Do not empty the cup.

  3. Take the handle of the tea cup in your left hand and quietly ask for help to read your future.

  4. Now, swirl the cup in a counter-clockwise direction.

  5. Take a saucer and invert the cup on the saucer.

  6. Leave the cup on the saucer for about minute so all the contents of the cup can drain away.

  7. Slowly, turn the cup up from the right.

  8. Now, the tea leaves are ready to be read according to the salient rules of tasseography.

Some of the tasseography common symbols are:

  • Anchor: good luck in business and a stable love life. If this symbol is cloudy in appearance, it should be interpreted as the opposite.

  • Angel: good news, especially in love-related matters

  • Arrows: bad messages or news from the direction in which the arrow points

  • Axe: problems overcome

  • Birds: good luck, possibly a good journey

  • Boat: a visit from a friend

  • Clover: very good luck; happiness and prosperity

  • Dagger: help from friends

  • Dragon: large and sudden changes

Although basic tea leaves are good enough for tea reading, how the tea tastes may affect your mood too. We would suggest to choose your favourite tea blend to start your first tasseography, have an open mind and have fun reading yours or your friend's fortunes!

To have further fun reading on tasseography, you can try reading it up at:


or watch a youtube video on it!


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