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Updated: Mar 12

When was tea discovered?

In 2737BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Nong of Shang Dynasty

"It was said that the wind blew and the leaves fell into the boiling pot of water. When the Emperor tasted this brew, he found the taste pleasing and refreshing, warming his body. Therefore, tea was discovered"

How was tea served in ancient times?

In tea bowls or cha-wan. After tea was exported to the europe, saucer was added to hold the tea bowl then later in the 18th century, handle is added to the tea bowls.

Benefits of Tea

  • improve the function of the blood vessels

  • may help with weight loss

  • may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseas

  • different tea contain different antioxidant properties that may be beneficial for health

  • tea contains lower caffeine compared to coffee

How to Prepare a good cup of Tea?

  • Use freshly boiled water to steep your tea leaves in, not reboiled water.

  • Stir your tea leaves for better infusion.

  • Steep your tea leaves in boiled water for about 3-4mins and remember to remove your tea leaves/ tea bags after.

Making a Healthier Cup of Tea

I like my tea plain without any sugar to enjoy its original flavor, but at times I'll add some honey to enhance its taste. However, for the more health conscious ones or with diabetic conditions, they may use natural sweetener as replacement instead.

  1. Stevia

  2. Monk Fruit Sweetener

  3. Erythritol

  4. Xylitol

  5. Yacon syrup

My mom who is diabetic uses Stevia. And since she cannot live without iced drinks, everytime before she leaves the house she will prepare iced peppermint tea with stevia added to it. Her shopping trolley is always equipped with a small bottle of stevia as well! For her coffee and other teas.

This evening, she fried a plate of anchovies with stevia... the result is surprisngly very appetizing especially as I bought nasi lemak for dinner.

Crunchy, sweet and a bit savoury... and when you eat it with the sambal chilli... Shiok lah!

For teas selections and stevia, click below images


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